Outta Place stemmed from several grassroots community events headed up by Clare Donegan and friends. For more information on these practioners please check the ‘People’ page on this site.

These events brought young people together from Manchester, Leeds and Burnley, Lancashire. Taking place at Calder Holmes Park in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, the events were an opportunity for young artists to ‘battle’ out their differences whilst showing their peers skills in music and dance. Peer to peer learning became a key aspect of these events and young people went away educated, inspired, and always asking for more.

So more is what they got with Clare Donegan, Pam Warhurst and Sarah Benbow founding Outta Place in February 2010. Supported by Arts Council UK they began a consultation exercise with the young people of the Calder Valley. This first key project was in partnership with Calderdale Young People’s Services who supported the practice wholeheartedly. It is suffice to say that the idea of quality, engaging urban and experimental arts practice with young people was truly born!

Outta Place’s vision is fundamentally rooted in the notion that creative engagement can change a young person’s life, for the better. At the time of writing, August 2012, Outta Place has built a reputation as a innovative and inspiring social enterprise, with a vision which includes international work and accreditation.

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