Welcome to the Outta Place development blog

As we are quite new, we have put this blog here to keep you up to date on developments of our new social enterpise. Check back again soon or subscribe to the feed for the latest news and developments from Outta Place. Read more »

Battle in the park

The battle of 2008 brought together young people from Burnley and West Yorkshire namely Hebden Bridge and surrounding villages. The use of the word Battle is taken from Hip-Hop culture but it is also used in a tongue in cheek manner with peace, […] Read more »

International Dance Off!

Dance off flyer

ArcSpace collective, Manchester a partner of Outta Place initiated an exciting way to conduct a Dance Off with several international partners…whilist staying in your front room, kind of! Outta Place’s b-boy cru from Burnley headed down to a building in Manchester University. There […] Read more »